Stripers arrive to the Western sound in late April, and hang around in catchable numbers until mid-November.  We target these fish primarily in shallow water around grassy shorelines, rock piles and rip lines for most of the year, but will focus on large schools of menhaden, or bunker, that congregate in the Sound in the late spring.  The fish we catch around the Norwalk Islands range from schoolies weighing 2 to 4 pounds up to larger 20 pound-class fish around the schools of bunker. 

Peak Season - May-June & September-November 


Bluefish start showing up in mid-May and remain through late-October. They live in the same places and eat the same bait as stripers.  During the later summer, it is fairly common to find bluefish feeding in Mid-Sound on small bait in all-out blitzes, which result in phenomenal fly-fishing opportunities.  We specifically target bluefish during the warmest days of the summer, when most of the stripers are hanging in cooler water.  These fish typically weigh four to ten pounds, however fish up to 15 pounds are caught each summer.  

Peak Season - June-October 



False Albacore and Bonito are members of the tuna or mackerel family that make their way into Long Island Sound in the late summer and fall.  These are my personal favorite types of fish to catch in Long Island Sound, as it is all done by sight.  They feed primarily on small glass minnows, anchovies, and silversides, and can be very difficult to trick once they are found.  That said, once they are hooked, they pull harder and swim faster than anything else in the sound.  

Peak Season - September-October